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Cain Berlinger Standing Cain Berlinger began his career in grade school penning adventure stories for his comic book creations. Long before computers he was churning out short stories in long hand but keeping them to himself.

He kept his creative mind active by placing his toy Barbies in jeopardy only to have them saved by his GI Joe action figures. In De Witt Clinton High School, Cain joined the School's writing club. The club churned out literature laden newsletters with regularity, with each issue focusing on the latest literary offering from a member of the group.

For many years Cain put down his pen (now a PC) to travel overseas. Taking on a variety of jobs and careers both stateside and in Europe, he spent much of his time not only living the lives of many of his characters but chronicling their loves as well. When asked in recent interviews if he wrote from experience. His answer was a resounding yes "with license" he added.

Cain has written for almost every major gay/fetish magazine in Europe, Canada and the United States. He was listed as one of Allyson publishing "Best Writers of 1996". Once he started writing novellas he discovered he was most comfortable writing short stories blaming the genre on his background in penning stories with a short word count and a quick resolution plus his own limited attention span. Although now he writes mainly gay romantic novels, his BLACK MEN IN LEATHER book is in the Schwaumberg men's library in Illinois, which chronicles the black mans' journey into the gay leather community.

As a self-employed personal trainer and massage therapist his next series of books focused on health, fitness, meditation and spirituality. He introduced the world to Hannibal Rex, America's first black sex action hero! His diabetic booklet, "Sex in the Dungeon" has saved countless lives and he's achieved numerous awards for his efforts.

A new publisher and a new lease on life (after a recent stroke from which he has made a full recovery) have given him fresh ideas for a new direction in his writing. He currently lives in New York City with his partner who indulges him shamelessly.

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