Hands Illustrated

"These stories are erotic, hot, passionate and detailed. Definitely Mr Cain´s best and most celebrated work."

Excerpt from "Sebastian"

Luke stood over us and with one swing of his arm, knocked Jake off of me onto the side of the road.

"Goddammit, Luke! You always gotta play so damn rough! There's plenty o´ this boy to go around!"

Jake got to his knees and stroked his cock while Luke lifted my legs over his shoulder, spit into his hand, rubbed his cock, and then slid easily inside me. Goddamn, it was a great feeling. I put my arms under his shoulders and pulled him into me. His hands reached down and pulled my butt checks apart while I wrapped my legs tighter around his wide waist. It felt as if he climbed inside me.

I thought it had started to rain when I first felt the drops of Jake's pisson my face...

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