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Pray For a Better Body
(Cain on Fitness Vol. 1)

Pray for a Better Body is a book that combines Spirituality with Health and Fitness - a true example of Mind meeting Body and Spirit.
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Fat Layers and Tube Tops
(Cain on Fitness Vol. 2)

Do you ever ask yourself, before you step out the door: "Do I look attractive in this?" And most important; "Am I making healthy, long term choices for myself and those who care about me?"
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Chocolate is NOT a Diet Supplement
(Cain on Fitness Vol. 3)

You have a friend who eats like a horse and never gains an ounce. Is this due to high metabolism? Possibly. Working out in the gym ALONE will not make you fit, unless you make the healthy choice about what you eat.
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You Look Great! What Happened?
(Cain on Fitness Vol. 4)

Compared to our European counterparts, Americans let age define who we are, how we should act and even whom we should love. Europeans have shown us that we can be as vibrant at 70 as we were at 40!
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The F** Word and Other Lifestyle Choices
(Cain on Fitness Vol. 5)

Cain discusses relevant sexual topics in detail, relating their impact on individual health, fitness, and well being. He answers your questions in a straightforward, non-judgmental style.
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Meditations, Quotes and Affirmations

Cain encourages the reader to embrace ideas and premises of a wide range of belief systems by encouraging individual thought and personal accountability. In this book, he shares words of wisdom that inspire clarity and self awareness.
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Do You Work In The Nude?

A humorous look at the massage and bodyworker industry as told by health and fitness insider RD Cain.
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is a FREE book download containing over 51 health and fitness tips and excerpts from The CAIN ON FITNESS series on aging, nutrition, and spiritual guidance in relation to health and fitness, Its a great no-nonsense book to have when your exploring new ways to improve your lifestyle!

Diabetes Sex in the Dungeon

Are you diabetic? - Have you been tested? A partner? A relative? A play buddy?

Do you know what to do in the event of a diabetic emergency in the playspace?

Know the signs Save a life - Whether YOURS or a FELLOW SCENE PLAYER