Cain Berlinger, Life Coach

Rev. Dr. C. L. Berlinger, Life Coach

My path to Becoming a Life Coach

Flowers I am not your ordinary dogmatic type of Life Coach (although I am told I look like a coach in the sporting sense of the word!) I deal in realities, and keep very aware of the nuances of our changing and challenging times. I respect traditional values as well as ideas and independent thought on religion, sexuality spirituality, and lifestyles, alternative and otherwise.

I value the contributions artists of every genre (writers, actors, entrepreneurs etc.) make to our world cultures, and I am committed to serving them in a capacity that will encourage, nurture, guide and help artists to dream their dreams and reach their goals.

Becoming a Life Coach was not my career objective although I come into it quite honestly. I studied with the Clayton School of Natural Healing to earn my doctorate in Naturopathy (herbs and homeopathic medicine) in 1990. I received my certifications as a Massage Therapist (AMTA) and Reiki Healer in 1991, followed by Personal Trainer credentials (ISSA) in 2002, and finally becoming a Specialist in Performance Nutrition in 2003.

I earned my credentials as a Neuro Linguistic Programmer (software for the brain, cultivating the art of accentuating the positive) to improve my skills as a communicator and more importantly as a listener in 1994 through the Hypnosis Institute in New York City. I have many short stories, worked as an actor, owned a bar in Europe and explored various other careers that have guided me to this path.

By the time I became an ordained Interfaith Minister (June 2003) through The New Seminary in New York I became convinced that I had received my calling in completing the trinity of healing: Mind, Spirit, and Body, and how important all three are to the completeness of the human experience. I decided to treat all malfunctions of the human spirit through identifying the causes not the symptoms.

Coaching Definitions

"Coaching is a professional relationship that enhances the clients ability to effectively focus on learning, making changes, achieving desired goals and experiencing fulfillment."
The Association of Personal and Professional Coaches

"Coaching is a co-creative partnership in which the coach and the client work together to bring about the clients growth and greatest good through a process of deep listening, encouragement and accountability."
Diane M. Scholten, Life Coach

Mission Statement

I want to help others to realize their dreams while encouraging the exploration of all options: bringing about fitness, physically, spiritually and creatively.

Making the Commitment

Coaching is a process of personal and professional development. It is designed for you, and by you (with my input) - to help you get what you want. Such as finding the passion in your life, work, play, relationships. Together we will map out a plan for the future while discarding anything toxic about the past.

My clients commit to work with me for 3 months minimum to start. Many go for longer. A series of sessions are available to you, by telephone from wherever you are. It simple, and effective, and powerful.

Please be aware this is not psychotherapy. Clients who work best with me are creative, resourceful, willing, and capable of making positive changes in their lives.


Massage/counseling is a new technique which combines spiritual and life coaching with the relaxing techniques of applied massage. Explore breathing techniques, guided meditations and talk to a counselor who will listen, advise and help you map out a life strategy for getting the things that you want.

Coaching Fees:

4 Weekly sessions a month @ 45 minutes
By Telephone $ 260.00 a month
Face to Face sessions $75 an hour
Massage/Counseling $140 per session (approx 90 min)