Cain Berlinger, Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness Guru

Online Training

Cain at the Gym NEW ! Now your gym IS as close as your computer! You can have Cain as your Personal On-line Trainer and Nutritionist.

Still think you don't have the time or money to get fit and healthy? Think again. With online training you get exercises, stretches, meal plans and personal motivation via e-mail. For $50.00 A month, you can have a personal trainer who will give you and your needs priority, available to you 24/7, along with most of the perks of a hands on experience.

Home Visits

You are a busy person. You barely have time to de-stress from the last 'crisis' before you're called to put out another 'fire'. You're grabbing nutrition on the run and you barely have time to tend to daily basics (shopping etc). How do you find time to get in a full body work out?

Toning and strength workouts can be performed right in your home or office with a bare minimum of equipment. All you need is the guidance and motivation provided by an ace trainer who knows how valuable your time is.

These workouts can be performed right in your home or wherever there is floor space! If you are one of the lucky ones with a gym in your place of residence, all the better. I can meet you there whenever it's convenient for you!

I am a member of the New York Sports Club And have no problem working out with or beside you to make sure your reps and form are being done to your maximum benefit! If you are a member elsewhere we can still make arrangements to work together.


Basic home fitness includes a series of yoga and sport stretches designed to enhance your cardiovascular system, increase your lean body mass reduce body fat, improve flexibility, help digestion, and jump start your daily metabolism. However if your needs are more immediate and focused, a more intensive approach to daily fitness is available.

I can show you how to get an efficient and safe and effective workout in the comfort of your own home. I can supply the necessary fitness equipment for your in-home workout, including; kettleballs, dumbbells, ankle weights, resistance cables & bands, and medicine & physio balls. You will see that it does not take fancy gym equipment and fitness clubs to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Preserve precious time by not having to travel to a gym
  • No waiting in line for machines, showers or swapping sweat with strangers.
  • Listen to your own music, create your own environment, use your own shower and fewer distractions

Working with a professional will help you reach your fitness goals faster. After initial evaluation we will calculate your caloric needs and measure your body fat. Then I will set up a reasonable nutritional guideline for you to follow. See yourself, working out in front of mirrors gives the client a different perspective on working out, and less intimidating. The results have been positive, allowing the client to see what others see, as well as keeping a discerning eye on their progress.

I advocate lifestyle modification NOT 'dieting'! I don't care if you NEVER diet again!!"

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